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Our materials


From the beginning we’ve known that just an idea wasn't enough to create our line of jewelry, but that we also had to choose materials that were up to the task and would strengthen the concept that was the basis of our project. We thought it would be wonderful to blend the idea, the materials, and production to create a unique and exclusive object of art and craftsmanship.

We traveled many kilometers in Italy in search of the correct raw materials and of craftsmen able to help us by contributing to the development of our vision. The first years were totally dedicated to research, with considerable efforts and losses.

 Materials research and product design are constantly developing and evolving. This drives the GrandTour Collection towards ever new and unexpected design solutions.

Here we share the part of our journey about the materials we have chosen to create the GTc, why we use them, and what their features are.


  1. Resin: why we use it, what is it
  2. Bronze: Why we use it as a base, its characteristics
  3. Gold plating: why we use it
  4. Plexiglass: why we use it, its characteristics
  5. Made in Italy: 100%, with pride

Resin: Why we use it, what it is

We use synthetic resin for our jewelry, which is very similar in appearance to vegetable-based resin.

The glassy properties and its particular characteristics allow us to mix different components together during the crystallization process.

We use different components: color pigments in the first place, gold, silver, and metal powders as well as other natural-based materials that allow us to obtain particular effects.

The mixing process is artisanal and extremely delicate, and it requires experience and precision, each component carefully measured and weighed.

This research phase kept us busy for one full year. The results we achieved enabled us to obtain a material which thanks to the use of resin is extremely solid, very resistant to external agents, and very light. Moreover, our use of colors in our component formulas ensures remarkable artistic relevance in our end product.

As time goes by, a light superficial patina will form, improving its appearance exactly like ancient jewelry.

The preparation of our resin motifs requires many steps and a lot of time, and ends with the smoothing of the surfaces and the finishing of the edges. Once we complete our final check, each motif is ready to be set.

In ancient times, similar systems were used. For example, we discovered that already in the 1500s different resin-based sculptures were created using mixtures of various ingredients.

Even today modern resins are used for the conservation and restoration of ancient objects. Even the garment, nautical and aerospace sectors depend on resin yarns.

Bronze: Why we use it as a base, its characteristics

When we started we wondered what metal to use to produce the Grandtour Collection.

It was one of the most demanding questions, we wanted a precious material but at the same time wanted to keep our prices away from fine jewelry levels.

Our intention was to make the GrandTour collection accessible, so that we could disseminate our concept of art and quality throughout the world.

Do we all remember the bronze age? From 3300-1200 B.C. all the great civilizations used it, Mesopotamia, Greece, China and Europe.

For example, in Rome we can admire the monumental doors of the Pantheon, made in bronze. Throughout Italy there are innumerable ancient statues, such as the Bronzes from Riace, famous all over the world. Many art and decorative objects from antiquity are produced with this noble metal.

After much research, we decided on bronze, among other reasons also due to its color which is similar to gold even if its hardness requires more processing time. Furthermore, this choice allows us in the future to use the same molds to pour silver and/or gold as well, since these two and bronze are precious metals with similar properties when casting.

Indeed, all our bronze processing is performed with the ancient technique of lost wax casting. You can watch the whole manufacturing process up to polishing and quality control in our videos. #video

One of the advantages of bronze is that it can be repaired, welded and polished wherever you are, by contacting us or your trusted jeweler directly, even after many years. In short it is eternal,

unlike the alloys that are used for the production of common mass-produced jewelry.

Gold plating: why we use it

Gold plating is a coating. It is a surface finish used to protect the underlying metal and to avoid oxidation or corrosion, while also maintaining a greater brilliance over time.

Our gilding is in 18kt gold, which often used in jewelry to plate solid gold itself.

How long the plating lasts will depend on numerous factors, such as the handling of the item, the ph of our skin and body, and also on products we might use such as perfumes and creams that can contain

substances which will corrode the plating over time. In these cases, we advise rinsing your piece with water, and drying it immediately to avoid limescale deposits.

It is also always a good idea to store your valuables carefully to avoid scratches or dents.

Finally, if the gold plating wears out, any one of our pieces can be easily re-plated since the base metal is bronze.


The warranty on all our pieces is proof of the quality materials we use.

Plexiglass: why we use it, its characteristics

Plexiglass embodies modernity.

Otto Röhm created plexiglass in 1933, starting a real revolution when the world was already changing so rapidly.

It is still considered to be one of the best high-quality plastic materials available, thanks to its excellent characteristics such as:

weight, transparency (more than glass), glossiness/polish, excellent resistance to compression, resistance to atmospheric agents, and that it is hypoallergenic.

Worth mentioning is the infinity of colors that can be used, from the most flamboyant to less showy, a galaxy of irresistible nuances.

Resistant, colorful, modern and light... we could not ignore the importance of these characteristics which add even more strength to our already special collection.

We can therefore produce a ring that only weighs 8 grams (¼ ounce). Modern and antique at the same time, therefore unique, dazzling, and timeless. Of course we chose it (as have so many other high fashion brands that also use this wonderful material).

Made in Italy: 100%, with pride

Every component and ingredient we use, from the smallest to the largest and including all the materials we have listed here as well as those that we have not mentioned, have been entirely produced and processed in Italy. We searched everywhere and travelled thousands of kilometers from the smallest towns to the biggest cities, looking for the materials and components that we now use to craft our jewelry.

We have made a huge effort and therefore take such pride in producing something valuable for you. This in turn is invaluable to us.