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The Atelier

Incidentally, we are in Via dei Coronari *, an important road during the Grand Tour. The coronaries were the sellers of rosaries ("crowns" in Roman dialect), sacred miniatures and other sacred objects, which were strategically placed on the road, now the Ancient Fila of Rome, which led to the Basilica of St. Peter.


In Rome In via dei Coronari 100 meters from Piazza Navona is our atelier where we build the Grandtour by hand.

The showcase surrounded by a large jasmine plant, overlooks a splendid 16th century fountain placed in the center of the San Simeone square, the building where our atelier is located dates back to 1500, called Palazzo Salimei purchased in 1585 by Pope Sixtus V.

A white wooden floor opens the entrance to the gallery between antique furniture and paintings from various periods, in a combination of past and present. A large carved and gilded wooden mirror made in Rome in the 1600s, reflects the windows that expose our collection to the public.

The space is not very large but welcoming, our customers can admire the ancient works while waiting for their Grandtour to take place.




During this little break we know each other and talk about the beauty that Rome has given us in so many years of history, moving us as if it were always the first time. Over time we have thought about capturing this moment, wearing the grandtour as a memory of the journey, in a photograph.


A few meters from us, many small trattorias are preparing to set their tables, alerting the passerby that it is almost time for lunch. Often we have entertained ourselves with our customers for a breakfast or an aperitif, when the colors of the sunset light up the facades of the ancient buildings of the eternal city.


Thanks to you who come to visit us, we are pleased to share this great fortune.


Have a good trip.