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What if I have to find the right size?

Take a pen and a piece of paper and draw the profile or the circumference to look for the size, or take a photo putting an object aside the hand for frame of reference.
Any trick is useful and for sure will be fun to remember. In case of wrong size, please keep in mind that our guarantee allows you to change the size in the course of a year.
You will find the sizes of each style in the size guide tab under the price of each item of our website.

Our customer service is always available for help. Please write to:

What if I want a gift?

If you don’t know the size, please try to guess by viewing your loved ones you intend to treat and try to remind their proportions compared to yours. 

Please watch how they move their hands, or if they have tiny wrists. You will find yourself the perfect detective by focusing all details.

Use a little strategy by measuring a ring or a watch left unguarded.

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“ Find the right size for your ring”